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Bees painstakingly construct their hive. Nick and Lucy Frey wake up, as if from a dream. Upon a trip to the hospital, they find Lucy has lost her baby and their last hope of having a child of their own. Nick has nightmares about a fetus that cries in their abandoned baby room, while Lucy plots her designs for the baby she so desperately wants. During a heated argument, Nick is called away to repair a vast, computer network. She grabs one of his hairs off of their bed. Nick speaks with an Artificial Intelligence named AINCU, while he does repairs. AINCU breaks down when a honeybee disrupts one of its circuits. Nick returns home to find what appears to be an empty house. He searches through the darkness. Upon further inspection, he finds Lucy in their basement. Sitting next to an amber-glowing tube, she reads a story to the advanced fetus growing inside. Nick tries to argue with her, but he is left speechless. The clone growing inside the tube watches him in silence.

Solo cello, orchestra, mezzo-soprano, organ, piano, prepared piano.